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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Considering a Speedy Day-Date? Read this 1st...

 Considering a Speedmaster Day-Date model, Read this before you commit!

Levy03 in the TZ Omega Forum pointed out that there have been a trio of reports of Speedmaster Day-Date (Also known as Day-Date Month) models which have reportedly had the problem within warranty of failing to change the day of the week. In the first instance a purchaser of a 3523.30 had two examples fail from the same Authorized Dealer and was waiting on his third.

In the second instance a purchaser had to return his example (pictured above) to his dealer when the day wheel reportedly wasn't working properly.

It's hard to impossible to say if this is a fluke, a bad batch or a something more. However, it seems advisable to check any Day-Date-Month 7751 based chronograph for proper Day and Month changeover before you purchase it.

Here's what to do:

  • Advance the time on the watch to approximately 6:00 pm
  • Set the date to 31, the day and the month can be at any day or month.
  • Then advance the time past 12pm and see if the day and month advance.

If both the day and month switch over smoothly between about 10pm and 2-3am then the watch is probably ok. If it doesn't... I would pick out another.

Thanks Levy for pointing this out.

-- Chuck


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