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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

“Dad's watch, reborn...”

Right around Thanksgiving, I (and Matthias, my co-laborator on the Heuer Carrera article) received an email from Brian Mott of California... Here is Brian's email:

From: "Brian Mott"
To: cmaddox3,
Subject: Carrera Chronographs article...

Dear Matthias, Chuck,

I recently became interested in Carrera watches when my dad gave me his old one from when he was in Vietnam. Looking at your article it seems that it is a Calibre 12, but it looks like it's a little different, mainly the color of the second hand.

Hiya Brian,

I'd suspect that the original color of the Second hand (probably Orange) has faded to white, but it looks otherwise original.

Unfortunately my dads watch isn't in the best condition. I was curious if you two had any suggestions on restoring it and the costs associated with it.

Pro-Time (LVMH's facility for watch repair in the US) can probably repair your watch:

Here is the address and phone number, I am not aware of any website...

Pro Time Service
966 South Springfield Avenue
Springfield, New Jersey 07081-3556

Tel: ++1.973.467.1890

Give them a call and see what they say. I know that they sometimes "farm out" older Heuer's to a semi-retired watchmaker who founded Pro-Time (for the old Heuer) back in the 1960's. But it's best to go through Pro-Time first.

Best of fortune on your repair/restoration!

It seems to keep time fine, and the casing is immaculate, only the crystal is at all scratched, and the head fell off the tach on the right.

I believe those items can be remedied.

Attached is a pic of the watch.

[posted above]

I believe it would either need to have the face buffed or replaced, the insides cleaned out???, and tach head replaced.

Chronograph Minute hand, yes, that'd likely need replacement, crystal replaced and a cleaning and lube.

It would also need a new band. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I want to keep it as authentic as possible.

Pro-Time would be the best place to start, after that, if they can't help you, you'll probably have to do what the rest of us do... Search eBay and watch trading forums on the web for parts. Give Pro-Time a call and see what they suggest.

Thanks -Brian Mott

I hope this helps, let us know what you find out.


Well, I'm happy to report that I just received an email from Brian:
From: "Brian Mott"
To: cmaddox3,
Subject: Carrera Chronographs article...

Thank you for your suggestion of using LVMH. I just got my watch back today, It looks beautiful. Feel free to use the pic on your site if you wish.



The Carrera looks GREAT! Somewhere I'm sure your dad would love to see it in the condition it's in currently. I'd be careful! He might want it back!

It looks wonderful, I'm happy that I could be of some small service in helping breathe new life into such a stalwart performer.


-- Chuck


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