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Thursday, January 13, 2005

3303 failure after 6 weeks on ACC Ti - epilogue

MarkEg Posts: 3303 failure after 6 weeks on ACC Ti - epilogue [Jan 13, 2005 - 05:07 AM]

Hi all

Just got back from the shop where I bought my ill-fated Seamaster ACC TI 3303 - the problems I had have been listed in this thread link below

(3303 failure after 6 weeks on ACC Ti - MarkEg [Dec 05, 2004 - 07:50 AM],

After several letters and phone calls I have now received a full refund.

The watch was returned to the shop, they sent it to Omega who then told them a month later that it had received a full service and was now fine and could be collected next week…….

I replied with this (abridged…)

"It is clear that Omega have not blamed me for damaging the watch because they have mended it and extended the warranty to cover the lost time. This confirms that there was a manufacturing fault - and as such I have rights under the sale of goods act.

I do not want a repaired watch; I bought new because I wanted a new watch. It failed in a very short period of time and was not fit for the purpose that it was designed for when sold.

As before I require a full refund…."

I would like to thank everyone who offered advice in the earlier thread especially Chuck for the lengthy replies [1, 2] and Neil (UK) for suggesting the sale of goods act.

I am sad that the watch failed but also grateful that it did so in a short period of time, as any longer would have made the refund less likely. I still love my Omegas and will probably buy more, but will be sticking to older watches that have a better track record.

Thanks again for all the help

Best regards



I'm relieved to hear that Mark was able to obtain a satisfactory solution. This goes to show that there are alternatives to the oft-mistated ONLY option of having Omega repair their faulty and defect riddled c.33xx products which Omega continues to sell dispite all of the issues that continue to be reported.

There are likely always alternatives to meekly accepting what a company offers. Investigate all of your other options, seek out the thoughts of others, look in your phone book under Consumer Protection, learn what "Lemon Laws" exist where you live, don't be afraid to ask... You have little to lose and potentially satisfaction to gain.

Just something to keep in mind when people tell you that you don't have any options other than what Omega offers...

If enough people who have failed c.33xx's followed Mark's example, perhaps Omega would have fixed ALL of the c.33xx's by now.

-- Chuck


Blogger Speedmaster said...

At least it seems to have a happy ending. As a big Omega fan I find this entire episode quite frustrating.

Thursday, January 13, 2005 12:26:00 PM  

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