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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Jean-Michael frets about Speedmaster Addiction...

JM sent me this email message and pictures:

My dear "speedfan" friends

I think I am turning "addicted" to the speedy ;-)

After receiving back my good old speedy 145.022 from Bienne , it was looking so nice that I think it was a pitty to keep it in it's "beater" task : this watch follows me in my sports activity since the 90's and I confess that I have swim, motorbike, ski, parachute dive ... with it , it endure perfectly the task but its look was a little bit messy after so much action ... but now when I am looking to the beauty with its display back fitted I could not continue to have it as a "beater" ....

hum how to replace it ? I also have 2 other beaters: my Sinn 142 Ti and Sinn 156 B .... perfect "action" watches but not a slim as the speedy which for certain activity is not perfect (for motorbiking I do not like think watches which are not nice to wear under the riding gloves and for parachute diving instructors refuse students wearing too thick watches)

I think about the replacement of my speedy and the only conclusion was .... finding another speedy !!! I just find a 145.0022 of 1997 in very good condition on e-bay , I have choosen the "basic" version because it will be assigned to "action" : I prefer hesalite crystal over any other because scratches can be polished off and there is less risk to brake the crystal under a high shock ....

here are two shots of my little speedy familly (still not on the pic the flightmaster and the X33) ... I am now with 7 speedies hum , I think I turn addicted !!!!



Well, I don't see any Speedmaster Quartz, no Speedsonics, no Bullheads, no Mark Series, Tutonics or c.1045's no 125's... I'm up to at least oh gosh... 28 Speedmasters I believe.

It's not a bad start...

Thanks for the pictures, JM!


P.S. Be sure to pay JM's websites a visit. Always worth the time!


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