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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New Report: One person buys 2 c.33xx's both fail within 3 months...

New Report: One person buys 2 c.33xx's both fail within 3 months...

Saw this in the TimeZone Omega forum this morning:

mechanicalfreak Posts: speedmaster professional or moonphase? [Mar 15, 2005 - 01:46 AM]

Hi im planning to get a new omega speedmaster. My aquaterra chrono with 3301*bought a month ago new) had a problem same as my BA 3303(3months ago). couldnt reset the chrono seconds. have no choice but to consider a manual winding one since i dun have any faith in the 330x calibres anymore. Can someone pls show some pics and maybe elaborate on the pros n cons of the speedy pro and also the moonphase. there's a white speedy with BA hands with the moonphase too. pls share your experience :) thks in advance

Ordinarily, I'd note the problem report and not count it as part of the running tally of c.33xx failures, but this poster only had posted 7 messages on TimeZone so this post brings us two new c.33xx reports. One of which is an AquaTerra c.3301 which supposedly (at least according to Levy03) is documented (he won't/can't say where) to be the ,,fixed,, flavor of c.33xx.

This report of two previous unknown c.33xx failures are the first since 13 January 2005, and the fourth and fifth reports of failures (05 December 2004 and 27 December 2004 being the first two reports) since I started this blog. Just over four months... five problems reported with this movement family.

I continue to have my concerns/doubts about the c.33xx's situation. Have the parts fixes had any effect on the reliability of the c.33xx's? Probably, and probably a positive effect. But it seems that these fixes (or the new c.3301 movement) are far from a complete cure.

-- Chuck


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