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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Distinguishing 7750/LWO 283 and LWO 283 insights...

Discussion about distinguising between on 7750/LWO 283 movements and some insight on the LWO 283...

Yesterday in the OnTheDash - Heuer Discussion Forum, I discussed a way to distinguish a Valjoux (ETA) 7750 from a LWO 283 movement without cracking the case...

This morning as a follow-up I posted pictures/information on an additional way to distinguish between a 7750 and a piggy-back movement (like the LWO 283) by the arrangement of it's pushers...

as the pushers don't align along the same plane as the crown.

Also had an additional insight about the LWO this morning that I thought I'd share...

The "piggy-back" nature of the ETA/LWO chronograph movement with the pushers on a plane closer to the dial than the back of the watch is probably why the date window on most LWO 283's have a "in-dial" cyclops magnifier... Since the main time keeping part of the movement is separated from the dial by the chrono module, it's probably necessary to have optical aid in order for the date to be easily legible.

Just a little additional insight for your Tuesday morning!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a URL to an illustrated take apart of a LWO 283 movement. It clearly shows the port hole that frames the date deep inside.

Sunday, October 23, 2005 10:27:00 AM  

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