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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's always nice to get email like this...

 It's always nice to get emails like these:

Hi Chuck, thanks for your website, it cleared up a few mysteries for me as I had no idea there was that many automatic speedmasters.

Ever since I was a kid reading Time magazine re the moon missions and the Omega ads, I've wanted an Omega Speedmaster.

A couple of years ago my father rescued a badly beaten up Speedmaster automatic from a friend with more money than brains and who bought it new, abused the watch until it stopped working and then threw it in the glove compartment of his car where it stayed for 10 years or so.

I immediately confiscated it from my dad, telling him that he couldn't afford to have it repaired.

I sent details of the watch to the Omega historian, as I had never seen an auto one before and was concerned about the seamaster symbol on the back. He confirmed it's history and the authenticity of the back and told me that it had been sold new by the Melbourne distributor in 1974.

Luckily, one of my workmate's father was a retired watchmaker who had done his apprenticeship with and worked for the Omega distributor for some 40 years.

He offered to pull the watch down for me ( told me it was one of the most complex Omegas made) and overhaul it.

The watch was very tragic as externally it had a shattered crystal, missing crown, broken band and badly dented and scratched case.

Internally he replaced one of the composite chassis parts, a couple of gears and springs, cleaned and lubricated everything and resealed the case.

While he was working on the movement, he returned the case to me and I hand finished it, removing the marks and dents. I know that my and his time and the cost of the parts make this an iffy restoration logically but I don't care.

I am very proud of this watch and the fact that I have rescued a fine piece of engineering from certain oblivion. I never intend to sell it and only wear it on special occasions. It keeps very good time and runs perfectly.

My watchmaking friend helped me to acquire on original Omega box and carton. I enclose a photo for your interest thanks for your time.

Robert McDonald,


It's always nice to get emails like these, ones where people find a watch that lives rough life getting the well deserved Spa treatment and looking as good as new...

-- Chuck