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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Omega Dimensions Table updated/revised...

Just did a minor, but hopefully useful update/revision to the Dimensions of Seclected Omega Chronographs page... I added a link to the entry for the 176.0017 (prototype c.1045) [line 6] model that points back to my post on that topic from late last year.

Secondly, I added line numbers for each section. The purpose of these is for when someone asks for a specific dimension, one can link to that particular table, say Seamaster, and note which specific line is the pertenent line, say 11 for the 120m/440ft Diver's model, etc... . It should make for an easier, quicker and accurate way to direct people to a specific entry.

At some point, Jeff Stein plan on adding similar numbers to the tables that consist of the MOAT (or Mother Of All Tables) over at OnTheDash. This exercise was to add that functionality to the Omega tables (since they aren't as extensive) and to give me some experience/idea as to how difficult and time consuming of a task this is. I did the revision of the Omega Tables in about an hour. Not too bad and I figured a few shortcuts to consistancy along the way...

The MOAT revision should be most helpful... Especially on the Autavia table which was at last count, over 45 enties long!


-- Chuck