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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Watch Timer highly recommended by Shane Ede...

A watch timer highly recommended by one of my watchmakers...

I got a phone call out of the blue from one of my watchmakers today [Shane Ede from Toronto], and he had me navigate to this web page and was telling me that this unit (costing less than $900 USD) is better than the: Witschi Watch Expert II (which runs around $2,775 USD) and may even have more features than the Chronoscope M1 (runs around $10,000), and the Vibragraph Watchmatic II (also $2,775). He has the Witschi and bought Mumford unit when his Vibragraph died and he'd rather depend upon the Mumford unit than any other he hass seen.

There are lots of reasons, much of it far too technical for this blog. This unit has many many more features not the least of which is how little it impacts your wallet compared to the competition. "And furthermore, Mr. Bryan Mumford will work as closely as required with any customer, his customer service is second to none!" <-- Direct from Shane.

Sounds real good to me. Shane asked me to pass it along for those who sometimes tinker with their own collections.


-- Chuck

[Added 5 May 2008] Just got off the phone with Shane and he informs me that this unit WILL time the latest model Co-Axial movement with the unusual 25,200 BPH rate and it will measure the Co-Axial amplitude as well... He had a latest model Co-Ax in recently and the timer worked like a charm. -- C