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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Watch Blog Section added to my Links page...

A request for a link exchange from Jason of Swiss Watch Boutique has prompted me to add a section on my Links page for Watch Blogs that I know of:

Watch Blogs
Chuck Maddox Blog
Dream Watches Blog
Fratellowatches Blog
Swiss Watch Boutique
Swiss Watch News
Facts Figures Statistics
Velociphile's Journey
Watch Report.Com Blog
Watch Report.Net Blog
Wrist Watch Review

If you know of a watch blog that I don't have a link for post a comment or email me and I'll add it [unless it's a fake or replica site or a mere sales site. Must include interesting content].

NOTE: I will not publish any comment referring folks to "Replica" or "Fake" watch sites selling knock-off's of trademarked watches. I have no problem with OK-ing comments to legitimate watch blogs, watch manufacturer sites, sites which offer "Homage" watches [Homage is a watch [typically a discontinued model] done in the style of another brand but branded as a Homage/Tribute piece made by the company producing/selling the watch]. But I will not publish comments where people post URL's to Rolex Replica . org or anything similar. Save your and my time or waste your time, it only takes me 5 seconds to reject comments.


-- Chuck