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Thursday, May 08, 2008

From my email In Box, an interesting Omega case...

I received the following email yesterday:

Hi Chuck:

I am a very fan of all your information about OMEGAS, for me your site is like a Bible, and is for that reason that I am sending to you this pics of an OMEGA case that is fot me unknown, please help me to find out the model, if it is an speedmaster or a seamaster,and what movement should be inside this case,

Thanks a lot, your friend from Mexico



Pleased to meet you. Thank you for your kind words... I have never seen a case like this from Omega in the past... In looking at the inside caseback under high magnification through the crystal,

it provides a clue to what the case may be. Since the Caseback says 145.014 and we know that the 145.014 is the Mark II Professional case, I surmise that this case is a Mark II Pro case which has been "Re-sculpted" to give it the external appearance of a moonwatch. The effort is not entirely dissimilar to the Re-sculpted cases that Gilliam in Germany crafts out of 176.012 cases:

I suspect someone has done similar work on the case you've come across...

I hope this is helpful to you...



Hi, Chuck,

thank you very much for the information,

this case was actually offered as a mark II case but since it was offered as a spare part and being so different to the regular mark II cases I thought that may be the case , the crystal and the case back were separate parts put together, and may be the case belong to some vintage seamaster, but looking different pics of some seamasters I did not found this profile of ccase,

so thanks a lot for the information and is for me a pleasure that you post this storyon your site,

thanks again, and Best Regards



A very interesting item and would make for a very interesting watch. I've often said that while the Mark II looks much more modern and seemingly is more rugged due to it's armor like case when compared to the moonwatch, this case's appearance doesn't often look good on a strap. This case style nearly cries out to be on a bracelet. With this case we see a method to have a "cross-bred" version of a Mark II that might look a little more handsome on a leather strap.


-- Chuck