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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Porsche Design Announces the PTC 911 Limited Edition Chronograph

Information is scant thus far but Porsche Design appears to have recently announced a new limited edition PTC 911.

Features I've heard thus far:

  • 40mm size.
  • Titanium Case.
  • Double coated anti-reflective Sapphire crystals front and back.
  • Dial has the classic profile of a 911 printed on it's diial
  • Rotor styled to look like a BBS mag wheel created from titanium combined with black coated tungsten.
  • Date Indication
  • Available in black, yellow or red dials.
  • Water-resistant to 100m.

The Porsche Design PTC 911 starts at around $4,800. An option to purchase the entire set along with matching model 911s will run roughly $16,000.

Comment: Pricey! Especially for an ETA/D-D Chronograph...


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