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Thursday, August 11, 2005

New "Competitors" section added to my article index!

Back in the spring, I suggested over at OTD one day we ought to do a Scan Day of "Competitors"... In other words, side-by-side pictures of watches that when in production were in direct (or indirect) competition with one another.

Since then I've added to the five initial competitors comparisions I did back in March. But I had not really archived the posts until recently, and I didn't have any listing pointing to those archives...

Yesterday I added a new section in Purple at the bottom of my article index:

The archived presentation is very minimalist and no-frills, but I thought I'd point out this new addition to my site!

Here is a listing of the current list of "Competitors" posts:

Heuer Autavia v.72 vs. Omega Speedmaster c.321
Heuer Carrera v.72 vs. Omega Seamaster c.321
Heuer Autavia v.7736 vs. Omega Seamaster c.861
Heuer Carrera l.5100 vs. Omega Speedmaster c.1045
Heuer Audi Sport l.5012 vs. Certina Audi Design Quattro v.7750
Omega Speedmaster c.861 vs. UG Space-Compax v.72
Omega Speedmaster c.861 vs. UG Compax v.72
UG Space-Compax v.72 vs. UG Compax v.72

I'm confident it will grow as time goes by...


-- Chuck


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