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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Autoweek" Heuer Carrera fetches over $2k on eBay…

Exceedingly uncommon "Autoweek" Heuer Carrera fetches over $2k on eBay… Occasional OTD forum participant Jeff Meyer apparently decided to part with this very uncommon Carrera.

To be honest I'm a bit surprised it went for so little, considering that a plain jane mid-1960's white dial Carrera should fetch well over $1,600 these day but I believe that may be to some confusion about the logo...

Back in the "Heuer Glory Days" in the 1960's and 1970's Heuer's were frequently advertized in many automotive magazines. Competition Press/Autoweek was a clientle that was tailor-made for the stopwatches, daskboard and wrist chronometres that Heuer sold. While I do not have an extensive collection of AutoWeeks from that time, my father was a subscriber for many many years and I remember the ad's and Autoweek's logo very well...

Modern "" logo...

What I suspect happened at some time was Autoweek had a special run of Carrera's made, either for staff or for subscription premiums or offered them in the magazine. In any of those instances, there were likely not very many made and their history is a particularly interesing one.

Congratulations to Nic on his new purchase!

-- Chuck


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck. Great commentary on a very uncommon watch. Jeff must be downsizing - I recently purchased another of his logo watches - a Shelby Cobra Dato 45 Carrera (off - ebay). I'm currently doing an exhaustive search for information - including a personal appointment with Carroll Shelby himself at an upcoming Shelby event. If I collect any new information (i.e. production figures, etc.) I'll let you know so you can update the OTD reference for this watch.

Best regards,

Lyle Simons

Friday, September 30, 2005 9:35:00 PM  

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