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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Some c.33xx bookmarks I've saved over the years...

At some point in the past year or so, while the TZ Forum Search figure still occasionally worked I managed to bookmark some pertenent c.33xx links. With people contiuing to seek information on these movements I thought I would post these so others have access them to them.

c.33xx Related links...

and there are numerious related posts in my Watch Blog... Starting with this posting to the blog (which points to this post).

I post these in the hopes that they will prove useful for people doing research on the c.33xx's.

-- Chuck

R*X*W Plasmir Milgraph Chronographs

I received a call from a reclusive watch friend of mine and on a lark during our conversation I pulled up the R*X*W website... Check this out:

The name "ROCKX SOLID" means that the model is "solider than rock", and it is an original watch brand which Ken Sato, a well-known collector and buyer of sporty models such as Rolex, develops worldly and wide.

Because Sato loves the golden ages of good-old mechanical sporty models so much, he has been reviving former good models with the latest technologies. There have been many inquiries on the ROCKX SOLID series, which made its simultaneous debut in Europe and America on 2002, even after last year's sold out. Now the ROCKX SOLID has become a premium model, as it was knocked down with about $2000. While many Japanese people tend to select things only by its brand name, enthusiastic fans understand high-spec quality.

This new work has installed an original mechanical movement; modifying two legendary models designed in Swiss during 1960s ~ 1970s, the golden ages. Additionally, world's first (manufactured in 2002) dual structure (N-luminous) Plasmir dial, and mil-spec 3H gas light capsule (keeps on emitting over 20 years even after the sun disappears), which American military and their special forces formally adopts, are also installed in this model. The former lever type model had evolved into Quatro-lock screw down type crown & pusher, along with 1000 gauss super antimagnetic structure. The belt is dressed with luxurious Connolly Leather (hand stitched), the purveyor to the Royal Household, which is also known for the leather for Rolls Royce and Ferrari.

This newest military chronograph fascinates us even more than the former model. It is destined to attract great deal of attention not only from collectors in overseas, but also from the whole world over.

ROCKX SOLID Plasmir Mil-graph


  • Movement: Swiss designed mechanical original chronograph movement (2 counter hand winding, 20 stone, 216,000 vph/3 counter self-winding, 34 stone, 28,800 vph
  • Case: SUS316 (1000 gauss antimagnetic performance for soft iron made inner case equipment)
  • Crown & pusher: Quatro-lock system screw down type
  • Windscreen: dome-shaped mineral crystal
  • Dials & hands: Composite equipment of Plasmir (N-luminous)?3H tritium gas light (within safety standard value)
  • Size: ?39.9mm, 15.5mm thick (2 counter), 16.5mm thick (3 counter)
  • Waterproof performance: 100m
  • Belt: the purveyor to the Royal Household; hand stitched Connolly leather belt
  • BOX: African zebra wood
  • 1-year warranty
  • Price: under $1,000 before shipping from Japan.

The 3-Register version uses a Valjoux 7750 variant that's in the well known and regarded Tri-Compax layout...

When I see this watch and look at a vintage Camaro, I ask my self... Why didn't/doesn't TAG-Heuer make a model similar to these as 'the Classic' model line version of the Camero?

Photo ruthlessly glommed from OnTheDash for informative purposes!

In the R*X*W we have a watch that is not terrible divergent from the Camaro in terms of size, shape and looks. Yes, lots of detail differences (like how the new/current Carrera 7750 is different from the Vintage Pasadena), but consider this... We know that a quality built cushion/rounded Square case can be manufactured, a Valjoux 7750 Tri-Compax layout movement placed within, and be sold for under $1000 before shipping and be profitable.

Just as my traditional RX for TAG-Heuer has been to revive the Pasadena SS/Black Dial, put it on a Oyster-styled fliplock bracelet in the "Out the door" price range of "$999-1299", I could see TAG-Heuer producing a "Classic Camaro" with a case/dial/bezel similar to the vintage Camaro, using a Tri-Compax 7750 and selling it in the $1000~1799 "Out the door" price range.

Could you?

What the offering of the R*X*W illustrates to me that this scenario is feasible. Not only that, it's also likely that it's feasable to offer a Carrera based on the Tri-Compax 7750 (perhaps in rotor automatic and non-rotor manual wind versions) instead of the ETA/DD movement for the same amount of money. Personally, I'd rather have a 7750 movement than a piggy-back chronograph movement. But that's just my tastes.

In any instance, a Valjoux 7750 chronograph being offered new at the Sub-$1,000 price range is a great deal these days. Being the owner of the previously sold MM20 R*X*W model:

I will attest that the build quality is excellent. Is it the par of a $3k+ Panerai? I couldn't say, but it's an amazing piece at under $1,000.

The R*X*W Plasmir Milgraph Chronographs are available on the R*X*W site. I hope they will be very successful with their new models! If you've ever had the hankering for a Panerai, but haven't wanted to lay out the cash, this is your chance to immunize yourself from a far more substancial financial layout in the future!

-- Chuck

Valjoux c.7740/7741 Parts Manual Posted...

Last week I posted to my site a Valjoux c.7740/7741 Parts Manual courtesy of scans graciously provided by Ralf Beinenz:

Valjoux Calibre 7740/7741 Series Chronograph Parts Manual.

Thanks again to Ralf for graciously providing the scans that make this possible!

-- Chuck

A quickie: How to post more than one picture in a post...

Sam asks in the Chronocentric/OnTheDash Heuer Discussion a common question:

By the way, could someone show me how to put more pictures on this message? Thanks!

Type the following:

<img src="url_to_location_where_picture_is_hosted_first_picture">
<img src="url_to_location_where_picture_is_hosted_second_picture">
<img src="url_to_location_where_picture_is_hosted_third_picture">
<img src="url_to_location_where_picture_is_hosted_n-th_picture">

Replace the text within the quotes with the pictures's URL and you should be set. You can place your comments as you see fit between the text which point to the pictures.

Hope this is helpful for people... This post is something that people can point if this query is asked in future...

-- Chuck

Sorry it's been so quiet 'round here lately.

Sorry it's been so quiet 'round here lately. The lack of posts are due to a lack of really interesting content, general busyness with other aspects of my life and a lack of time to seek out new content/present it. I have a couple of things to post today, and hopefully I'll find the time to post more soon.

-- Chuck