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Friday, December 10, 2004

A fellow from Italy with a 376.0822 query:

I received this query from a fellow in Italy this morning:

Dear Chuck,

I like to know if Speedmaster ref ST3760822 (in attach one [below left]) could have a different dial [than a 176.0012 -- C]. In particular the 24H little dial at 12 position with a grey part (the bottom) like Ref.176.0012 (in attach two [below right]) and not total black.

ST 376.0822
ST 176.0012
Hello Xxxxxxx,

In reference to dials on 376.0822 and 176.0012... While the dial for the 176.0012 would fit inside the 376.0822 case, it would be too small for it to work properly. Here is why... Look to the right of the date window on each of the watches... See how little space there is between the date window and the fraction of a second ring in the 176.0012? On the 376.0822 there is much more real estate that the dial has to cover. So I don't really think the 176.0012 would work much less work well.

However... It is possible that someone could have made this work. I do not believe Omega ever shipped a 376.0822 with a 176.0012 (or other c.1045 case reference) dial.

Do you know anything about it?

Well... A little bit... =)

Is it a limited edition in 1987?

Depends on what you call "Limited Edition"... the 376.0822 was produced in 1987, and appears to have only been produced in that year. It was produced in limited numbers (I've heard people speculate that the total production run was under 2,000 units perhaps under 1,600 units and maybe even under 1,300 units or less. However, this model wasn't ever called a Limited Edition model (Like the Speedmaster 125, which wasn't provided with an L.E. S/N but Omega stated production was only 2,000 units), wasn't numbered within the admittedly short production run.

thank you in advance

I hope this is helpful...

Thank you Chuck for your speedy reply.

No problem to share in your Watch Blog. Perhaps someone else could a similar Speedmaster! ).

If you don't have any reservations, I'd like to share your question and my reply in my Watch Blog, for the interest of my readers. If you have objections let me know, otherwise I'll just post a "I received a query from Italy this morning without mentioning your name or email address

I have asked you it because I'm going to buy a ST3760822 with that dial.

I tend to think that the dial was replaced at some point in time, but I'll keep an open mind about it, while I put out feelers on your behalf for a proper 376.0822 dial for you...

Paulo, I've taken the liberty of calling a US Omega parts distributor and he's going to be looking for a 376.0822 dial. I'll let you know when I hear back from him. I've also taken the liberty of mentioning your query with a fellow collector in Germany and another here in the US and we all will be on the lookout for a 376.0822.

If I'll buy it I 'll send you any pictures and information about it.

Thanks. I'll shoot you a link when I have it posted... I'll also post it in the TZ Omega Forum later in the day today. Hopefully someone in a position to assist will see this posting and contact me. I'll forward them to you.

Cheers and I hope this helps!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck,
I have a Omega MoonCase DayDate model 376.0822w/ss bracelet, that I purchased in a pawn shop w/original box& warranty papers(dated 1987).It is in great condition and keeping accurate time...i was just wondering what it is worth on today's collector's market.

Friday, July 27, 2007 5:08:00 AM  
Blogger fctryreject said...

Hi Chuck,
I have a Omega Speedmaster Moon Case DayDate ,cal.1045 w/ss bracelet, model 376.0822 that I found in a pawn shop.It is in mint or near mint condition,keeping accurate time and has the original box & warranty papers(dated 1987).I was wondering what it is worth on today's collector's market....

Friday, July 27, 2007 5:18:00 AM  

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