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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Beware “Second Chance” Phishing on eBay auctions...

Saw this post over at Watch-U-Seek's Pilot watch forum today and thought I would share it:

Ebay, another warning.... Posted by: Ron Engels ® [12/14/2004, 20:43:33]

I'm a big Ebay fan. Several watches I've bought so far, and mostly I'm very satisfied. However I'm careful, and do my homework.

This happened yesterday.

I was the high bidder on a nice Breitling Navitimer 806. Not for myself, but I promised to keep an eye out for one for a good friend of mine. I was outbid. That's fair enough.

The same day I got an e-mail that looked to come from Ebay. I was offered the watch as a "second chance" offer because the winner backed out. This is not uncommon. I've had that happen before, and as a matter of fact I've sold a watch myself using the "second chance" offer to someone that was the second highest bidder after the winner didn't pay. What was funny though, was that the e-mail didn't look like an Ebay address, and the name of the guy was different then the Ebay identity that sold the watch.

I then sent an e-mail to the seller, using the original e-mail address from the auction. The answer was as expected. The 'second chance' offer did not come from him, so someone else was trying to get me to send money for the same watch. He obviously used the data that you can get from Ebay after the auction has ended, an saw my e-mail address and my high bid. Nasty.


If you get a "second chance" offer like this, do your homework and contact the seller of the item in question to confirm he or she sent the email. Otherwise you will be taken! I've received phishing email like this and I always check it out before I reply.

-- Chuck


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