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Monday, December 13, 2004

Delrin Project Update: Info from JM...

From: jean-michel
Subject: delrin brake a follow up
Hi Chuck
I am back from Sweden, the trip was OK but cold :-)
Welcome back! Cold here this morning!

on the Delrin brake topic , here are pics of a speedy pro I have just spotted on e-bay France : a speedy pro dated 1978 with ... a metal brake !

mine is date 1977 and have the delrin brake ! confusing isn't it ;-)

I don't make up this stuff! I just report it...

but Omega had perhaps introduced the Delrin Brake in production during the 77-78 period which might explain why you can find in 77-78 period both types of brakes ...

any oppinions ?

I agree with you, this might be a transition period when they switched over in bit's and spurts. I'll keep it in mind when updating the Delrin Project.



Thank you for your efforts JM!

Here are a couple of additional pictures JM sent me:

-- C


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