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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Member of Omega Info community to visit Bienne...

A well known Member of Omega Information providing community mentioned to me the other day that he was planning on visiting Bienne in the next week or two... Among the questions I asked him to pose to those in the know at the Omega Museum was the question of when the Delrin Brake was phased in, the relationship(s) (production dates/similar features, etc.) between the 105.003/105.012/145.012/145.003 c.321 Speedmasters, and the dates of production for the Mark Series and c.1045 series of Speedmasters. We have a good idea as to when most of these models were announced/added/introduced to the product line, but little to no solid information about when they were dropped from the product line.

I know that given enough time I myself could probably come up with hundreds of questions to ask, and I don't want to burden anyone with asking or answering all at once during a visit. But if you have a question or questions that I might be able to forward along. Please post a comment to this post, and I'll forward it along.

No promises though!

-- Chuck


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