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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ordering Japanese Speed/Seamaster Books on Amazon

Neil (UK) Posts:Seamaster books from Japan?...... [Dec 15, 2004 - 07:11 AM}

I remember somebody posting details of how to order from Amazon Japan and I gave it a go some time back but couldn't manage it due to there being no pics on the site of the books in question. I have the "Speedmaster Master book" and the "Space and watch book", can't read Japanese but find them good reference for the pics. Be grateful if somebody could explain in laymans terms how to order the "Seamaster book" or any other watch books of interest. Can they be obtained in the West?? Thanks.

Here is Steve's Post on the books...

Basically, you need to fill out your credit card information and the shipping address on their website after you've added the book(s) you wish to order into your cart. I personally use the translation on Excite click on the right hand radion button after pasting in the URL to translate to English) to decode the Japanese to something my monolinguistic mind could comprehend, but Babelfish has Japanese translation sinve I ordered my copies (and spares) and is much easier to work I believe.

In essance, you need to do the same type of form filling you would have to do to order a book at,, or ... It's just the language is the barrier and you'll need to use a translation program to get the deed done.

Feel free to email me directly if you still have questions...

BTW, there are probably other books on similar topics if you look around... I have in the past and it's been very interesting.


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