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Monday, December 27, 2004

International brotherhood of Speedmaster sites...

 From the comments field:

The previous post made me think (assuming Fabio is from Italy) that there are many very serious watch collector in Europe and Japan, but most of them do not have an active web presence.

I've mused about this often. I personally feel the most intense Speedmaster collectors (and other brands to a lesser extent, except maybe for Rolex) in the world are probably the Japanese followed by the Italians, Germans and Dutch in close order. Perhaps me and my fellow Yank's follow them to round out the top 5, perhaps some other nationality squeezes by. I don't know.

Actually, there are a number of Japanese sites that discuss Speedmasters... A number of which I had collected some time ago (Some links may have broken in the months that have passed since I wrote this): Japanese Omega/Speedmaster Sites.

It's a pity, because the online web community would be much more intereting and richer in information with their contribution.

I think Japanese participation with regards to website creation is solid. Japanese participation in watch forums is probably problematic because of language differences. Remember that not only is there a Language difference but an alphabet difference between peoples who use a roman alphabet and peoples who use a symbolic visual language (Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.).

Of course when one considers pages per national population the Dutch are probably the best represented peoples on the web. Of course the Yanks have a goodly representation because there are so bloody many of us!

Of course I'd love to see more participation from people of all countries. I regularly surf Omega and Speedmaster sites located or maintained by people in: the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and whereever Kieron is hanging his hat today! I'd love to compile a listing of Speedmaster websites in different languages and different countries. With the increased capability of on-line translation sites there is no reason why a person who can only read english or dutch, for example, can't enjoy a website written in French, German or Japanese. If you know of a website that is in some non-English language, let me know. I'll start a page!

-- Chuck


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